Changing the game.

We've played football in Sydney all our lives, the game has provided amazing highs and some earth shattering lows. We built this company because we love football and we love what it has given us - but we know it can play a better role in supporting footballers if/when they need it.

Our goal is to have a mental health first aid officer at every club who chooses Pigeon Footballs. Communities rely on clubs to support their players. Having a qualified mental health first aid officer will set your club apart.

Who we are...

We’re two Sydney based ex footballers who were forced out of the game early due to injury. We are passionate about football having played in Sydney for NPL1, Super League, Youth and Association clubs our entire lives.

Why we are doing this...

Very little support existed when we experienced our injuries over 15years ago. Physical recovery was difficult, financial burdens were tough but the mental battle was the longest and hardest.

We believe football clubs are in the perfect position to engage with their members to help build an understanding of mental health and ultimately develop skills to maintain their own wellbeing and look out for their loved ones.

Suicide, depression and anxiety rates are continuously increasing. The more we can educate, talk and share our experiences the more chance we have to tackle these societal issues.

What we are actually doing...

We're selling high quality, affordable footballs to schools and clubs. We use proceeds from the sale of those footballs to fund mental health workshops.

The workshops improve awareness, understanding and knowledge of mental health in our community. They cover the current state of play, what mental ill health is, warning signs to be aware of in yourself and in friends/family, where to find professional help and the importance of wellbeing.

Play On

Stand out from the rest. Having a certified mental health first aid officer at your club, school or academy will set you apart.