July 22, 2020

Our Mental Health Mission Begins...

A Milestone!

Pigeon Football was so proud to run our first #letstalk session on the 15th July, 2020 through our expert partner Man Anchor.


The workshop is designed to engage, educate, empower and encourage people to kick start conversations about Health generally with a Mental Health focus. We were extremely happy with turnout, discussion and subsequent responses we've received from everyone involved. It was definitely the perfect way to kick start Pigeon Footballs mental health initiatives.

The discussion painted the picture of Australia in terms of Mental illness rates, broke down perceived stigmas and barriers that have historically held people back from reaching out for help or reaching out to help someone in their life and encouraged everyone to take an active approach to maintaining their own mental health by discussing various approaches that could be used.

The importance of these discussions is amplified in these COVID times so it was really great to see the turnout and hear everyone's input. We're sure everyone took something away that will help them improve their own, and the mental health of their loved ones in a postive way.

"Great work, really good. Very Worthwhile! Just starting the conversation is important." - Daniel C.
"Thank you for running the session - some great practical tips that i'll be more aware of in my day to day."

Other Topics Covered Included

- Raising awareness of the prevalence of mental ill health in Australian society
- Breaking down barriers
- Normalizing the topic & language
- Sharing experiences
- Identifying triggers that lead to mental ill health
- Knowing the signs to watch out for in yourself and others
- Tools to keep yourself on the good side of the mental health spectrum

Note: This course was not a therapy or a support group.

If you are interested in attending or running a similar workshop in your local soccer club or school, please get in touch with us to start the conversation!

❤️ The Pigeon Team


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