February 26, 2021

Pigeon Football Ambassador Program Begins - Welcome Adelaide Wyrzynski!

What is the Pigeon Football Ambassador Program?

Pigeon Football's priorities are simple - Footballs. Mental Health. We've been kicking since 2018 selling quality footballs to teams, schools and clubs across Sydney and beyond. The twist comes when we use proceeds from the sale to give back by running mental health workshops or certifications in that particular community. We love the response we've had so far and want to reach as many schools / clubs as we can...enter our Ambassador Program!

We're teaming up with footballers of any age and gender that show a desire to work hard, improve as a player but most importantly improve as a person. Talking about mental health, advocating for mental wellbeing, listening out for warning signs in their friends and community and checking in to offer support if needed. Our ambassadors are not doctors, they're not psychiatriasts and we are definitely not asking them to 'fix' people. Instead, we are involving them in workshops or certifications to help them build their understanding and skills in the area of mental health so they develop the awareness to spot subtle changes in themselves or people around them and understand the best path to professional help.

Adelaide with 'Imperial' Pro Match Pigeon Football

About Adelaide

Adelaide’s career started with APIA Leichhardt Tigers playing from the age of 6 until 9, then onto Sydney University in the first year of the SAP Program U10’s (2016) whilst simultaneously playing with Hurlstone Park Wanderers FC U10's.

2017 brought some great accolades:

  • SAP U12's Girls Most Improved Player with Sydney University.
  • FC Barcelona Escola Sydney Academy Scholarship whilst representing Sydney University in the NPL1 GSAP

In 2018 after successfully securing selection as 1 of 6 girls, trialling with 400 other potential candidates, with well-respected and renowned Westfields Sports High School, Adelaide’s ability began to shine.

Following on, Adelaide played a pivotal role in theWestfield Sports High School Team who secured success and won the 2018 & 2019 Bill Turner Cup Trophy and 2018 Wanderers Cup.

In 2019 and again in 2020, Adelaide was picked to represent NSW Lightning at the FFA National Futsal Championships.

Amassing a total of 244 goals through her representative career to date, Adelaide currently plays an integral role as attacking Midfield Forward/Right Wing for FNSW Institute in the NSW NPL1 Youth League.

Perhaps her greatest achievement to date was in 2021 where she was selected for the Westfield Junior Matildas U17s Training Camp held in Sydney - a fantastic opportunity to surround herself with the best young talent and really challenge herself to take yet another step towards her goals.

Adelaide at the Westfield Junior Matildas U17s Training Camp - Sydney 2021

Adelaide’s Role at Pigeon Football

As Adelaide’s career progresses both in Australia and abroad, Pigeon Football will provide her with skills to increase her mental health awareness, understanding and wellbeing, ensuring she is equipped with and has access to essential support mechanisms to face the vast array of challenges that faced by a professional sportswoman.

We hope that Adelaide's participation in the mental health programs we provide, coupled with her growing presence in the Australian football community allows the vital message around mental health to reach a wider audience. An audience that looks to Adelaide's rounded approach to self improvement and realises that her example is one that can/should be followed by young female footballers, young male footballers, adult footballers or anyone for that matter.

Once again, welcome Adelaide and her family to the Pigeon Football family - we're looking forward to a long partnership supporting each other and reaching some lofty goals!

Adelaide x Pigeon Football Partnership - #mentalhealth #footballs4health

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