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'Topknot' - Senior Training / Match

Perfect match ball for high school / club soccer teams or the ideal training ball for semi-pro / pro teams.

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• Using new Thermo-bonded construction technology for improved durability, superior aerodynamics and reduced water absorption making the ball easier to handle. • Shiny finish for wear resistance and gliding over slick surfaces. • Thermo-bonded polyurethane (PU) cover is paired with an elastic foam backing to retain shape and maintain softness for a smooth strike. • Perfect match ball for high school or club soccer teams / training ball for semi-pro or pro teams.


Material: Superior Shiny Smooth Crocodile Surface 0.6mm PU + 1 Polyester Layer + 3.0mm Air Mattress Construction: Thermal Bonded Usage: Pro Training, Match Panel Count: 32 Bladder: Cotton Wrapped Butyl Bladder Rebound: 125-155cm Testing: Passed 8000 kicks in a kicking test machine