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Topknot - Series II (NEW)

Perfect match ball for high school / club soccer teams or the ideal training ball for semi-pro / pro teams.

$ 42.00 AUD
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Pro training / senior match match ball provides a high quality pro rating, packed with features for optimal performance. Tested for weight, size, rebound and water absorption, the “Topknot Series II” is a worthy candidate for use as both a pro training and senior match ball. The “Topknot Series II” epitimises what the elements of a high-end professional quality football should feel, look and perform to, but without the high end price tag.

Features Include:

• Advanced heat-sealing technology gives the ball a perfectly spherical shape whilst minimising water absorption.

• Superior quality 4 Ply laminated textured casing for enhanced grip and accurate flight off the foot.

• The hand stitched polyurethane (1.2mm PU) cover material is paired with an elastic foam backing to retain shape and maintain softness for a smooth strike.

• Reinforced durable butyl bladder delivers superior shape and air retention for top quality performance.

• Perfectly constructed match/ pro training ball for schools or club level play.

• Meets the highest testing standards for weight, water uptake, shape and size retention.